[sane-devel] invalid argument

Pascal Gwosdek p.gwosdek at web.de
Tue Sep 19 12:07:46 UTC 2006


I'm wondering whether this is really a backend problem, as I am
currently using the genesys backend and am experiencing the same
problems. However, it does not seem as if other users with the same
backends and scanners have problems doing so. Additionally, switching
between different backend versions did not help in my case, so if there
were serious problems, somebody would certainly know about them.

> Can anyone give me advice about what I can do to diagnose this problem?
> (commands to run... debugging flags to turn on... log files to scour,
> etc.). Does anybody have an idea what "Invalid argument" might possibly
> mean? I'm dyin' here :)

Tzadik, perhaps we should find parallels regarding our system
environment? Obviously, the used distri is not the problem, as I am
using SuSE 10.0, but perhaps we can find any other common
configurations? If you like to, we could discuss this further. Still
can't believe it is that hard to get a scanner working ;-) We could take
this off the list until we found any solution, what do you think?

Feel free to contact me!


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