[sane-devel] Flatbed scanner that can scan to the edge?

Peter Davenport davjaeger at macunlimited.net
Wed Aug 1 23:34:06 UTC 2007

Dear sane-devel

If you want a cheap book scanner, do what I did.
4 years or more ago, I bought avery cheap Canon Lide 25.
I bought this because the distance between the ending of the bulb and  
itscarrier is only a few mms.
I carefully remover the 2 plastic strips down each side, so that the  
glass could be removed.
Before this I stuck a label on the glass to mark the edge of the  

So when the glass is removed a glass cutter can remove the  
unnecessary glass, leaving a small piece untouched at the lamp start  
end, then removed part of the plastic case, and held it together with  
electrician's tape, and, bingo, you will have a scanner which will  
scan a page of a book, with the print edge, only 7mm from the gutter  
of the book.
Every other image on scanning is upside down, but with straightening  
and Acrobat no bother, because Acrobat will rotate alternate pages.

Regards Peter Davenport

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