[sane-devel] Canon N670U problems

David Campbell david at pastornet.net.au
Tue Aug 7 23:44:00 UTC 2007


The SANE Canon N670U driver has a status of "complete" on the sane web 
site, but the behaviour I'm seeing is seriously broken.

I'm using SANE as found in the fedora 7 distribution with sane version 
1.0.18 and xsane 0.994.

It does recognise the device, and occasionally scans and previews works, 
but normally when you start a scan, you hear some scanner activity, and 
then you hear this dreadful noise coming from the scanner and it makes 
you wonder whether the scanner will survive.  The lamp isn't moving like 
it is supposed to, though I guess it is trying to move it.

When a preview works, the behaviour I've seen is that at the end of the 
scan, you get the dreadful noise again, perhaps when it is trying to 
move the lamp to return back to home.

It works perfectly under windows every time with the Canon driver, which 
indicates it isn't a problem with the physical scanner.

-- Dave

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