[sane-devel] Epson 4870 IR scanning / mystery command

Steven Tas steven.tas at belgacom.net
Wed Aug 8 19:02:46 UTC 2007

I try to activate IR scanning on my Epson 4870. I believe that the IR
channel is captured in a second scan of the film whereby the scanning
light and scanning head is somewhat differently positioned. I couldn't
find the "how" in the public Epson manuals. The people from Epson
developer were kind - but couldn't help me either.

I found out - by looking at the commands of a non-sane driver - that the
difference between a regular transparency scan and an IR scan is the use
use of an extra command: 
	ESC-# (0x1b 0x23) followed by 32 bytes.
Unfortunately, I can't figure our the structure of this command. 
Does anyone knows?
Thanks in advance,

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