[sane-devel] Experimental lexmark backend inclusion in regular CVS

Stéphane VOLTZ stef.dev at free.fr
Wed Aug 29 05:44:45 UTC 2007


	the experimental lexmark backend is now quite in a good shape. It brings 
other the current backend:
	- 2 new USB id support (Dell A920 and Lexmark X12xx models)
	- add support for new X11xx models
	- add arbitrary scan area selection
	- offset and gain calibration
	- software shading correction

	It has been tested on A920, X1200 in USB1.1 and newer X1100 model. Only the 
orignal model supported by the current backend should need some testing.

	So I'd like to know what everybody, and especially Fred, think about moving 
the experimental backend into regular CVS.


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