[sane-devel] Error during device I/O running saned on WL-500GP under OpenWRT using libusb

fireandy fireandy at covers.de
Mon Dec 17 22:16:47 UTC 2007

Sorry, but what are interrupt usb endpoints? Is it the way, the device is
read / written by using libusb?
The USB-Chip in the Box is a VIA 6212. Kernel is 2.4.34 used libusb is

By searching I found the following: 

Also a discussion about libusb with interrupt endpoints, where the person,
that states it is not working, receives the same returncode -22 (invalid
argument) as I see, when I do a dmesg. So I would have to give it a try with
Kernel 2.6.x?

Cause I can't find no scanner Kernel module for 2.4.34 for OpenWRT that I
could use as an alternative way of getting data from / to the device.

I mean..there was not nothing - scanner gets detected and moves around...


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