[sane-devel] The future of the SANE-Standard (was: permission request)

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch at Rauch-Domain.DE
Wed Dec 19 17:48:54 UTC 2007


As most of you know I am against the recent development of the SANE1
standard. We have an almost complete SANE2 standard and a good working
SANE1 standard. What is happening in the moment is the destruction of
all we have. This will end in a chaos.

I don`t understand why nobody wants to start with SANE2. It will take a
weekend of work to create a SANE2 backend from an existing SANE1
backend. Because you don`t want to spend this time you destroy the SANE1
standard by creating a chaos.

As you say 95% of the users are happy with SANE1. What you are doing now
is to make 95% of the users unhappy.

When you will do what you are talking about in the moment then I will
have to think if I will spend any further time into the SANE project and
into xsane. I know if I would continue the work for xsane in this case
then I would have to spend 99% of my programming time to answer
questions about incompatibilities and problems with the new

In my opinion it is not fair to create so much problems for SANE1
because you don`t like to spend some days to create SANE2 backends from
the SANE1 backends.

Please think about what you are doing.

Best regards

Am Dienstag, den 18.12.2007, 15:01 +0100 schrieb Alessandro Zummo:
> To:
> 	Gerhard Jaeger
> 	Henning Geinitz
> 	Julien Blache
> 	Oliver Rauch
> 	Petter Reinholdtsen
> 	M. Allan Noah
>  Hello SANE Admins,
>   I would like, in the interest of the SANE community of users and developers,
>  to kindly ask the permission to add some much required frame types to the repository.
>   Given that:
>  - some types are already in use by in-repository backends
>  - other types are in use by external backends 
>  - the JPEG frame type has already been added
>  - any well written frontend will not notice the change
>  - the new types are not active by default 
>   I ask you to ease the work of backend authors
>  and allow this much requested change.
>   Thanks in advance for your time and for your answer. 

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