[sane-devel] Setting up a Control message

Gerald Murray gmurray at cloudnet.com
Thu Feb 15 06:16:55 CET 2007


The log that you sent me cgb1x1.log was very nearly worthless.
The log showed 2644 URBS out, 639 of those were URB_FUNCTION_RESET_PIPE
ending with 3 URB_FUNCTION_ABORT_PIPE out, and 3 back.
That is about 1 in 4 urbs were resets.
Use only a scanner log that ends in a successful scan, best is a
small scan.

You could get information on the bulk urbs by the command

grep -n "PipeHandle" cgb1x1.log
bulk endpoints are 81 and 02

I can not encourage you to continue at this point.
You are free to do so, of course.  The minimum information
needed would be documentation on the controller chip: the
registers and what the registers are used for.  With the genesys
backend there was documentation.  So register - value pairs can
be identified, and adjustments can be made from there.  Without
that document it is work best left to the blind.  The level of
difficulty is too steep to spend time on a manufacturer/device
that is not documented; better to work with a scanner that is

best regards,


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