[sane-devel] scanner's buttons daemon+gui

JKD jkdsoft at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 07:50:43 CET 2007

El Sat, 30 de Dec de 2006, a las 05:27:43PM +0100, Jean-Christophe 'Jice' Cardot dijo:
> Hi
> I've developped a GUI + daemon (based on code by Rene Rebe - avision backend) 
> for buttons support through SANE.
> Web site: http://cardot.net/KScannerButtons
> At the moment the daemon is a quick and dirty hack based on Rene's code, but 
> at least working. The GUI is built using Kommander from kde-webdev; only the 
> daemon is mandatory.
> It's using the SANE backend to talk to the scanner (and not adressing the 
> scanner directly through libusb as scanbuttond does - see 
> scanbuttond.sourceforge.net).
> I tested it only with the avision backend and a HP 5300 C scanner.
> I was wondering wether or not there is a convention for buttons among 
> backends: in the avision backend, the option name is equal to "button-<button 
> number>".
> Also, which backend support buttons?
> Could you please test my software with your scanner (if your backend support 
> buttons) to help me build a list of supported devices?

I've added support for buttons in hp3900 scanner in the same way avision
does (SVN server at sourceforge). So at least these scanners should work with

- hp scanjet 3800 (3 buttons)
- hp scanjet 3970 (4 buttons) [tested]
- hp scanjet 4070 (4 buttons)
- hp scanjet 4370 (4 buttons) [tested]
- umax astra 4900 (4 buttons)
- umax astra 4950 (4 buttons)

Changes in hp3900 will be official in the next version. I included a
module in scanbuttond project to manage these scanners too.

I've translated your frontend to spanish. If you want to add that
language to your project you can download ".po" file at this location:


> PS: I was also wondering why the button support as found in scanbuttond is not 
> (or is it?) in the backends. For me SANE is the preferred way to access 
> scanners, and any button daemon should make use of SANE backends...

I agree with you. I suppose this stuff is going to be solved when SANE2
arrives but I think that will take a long time. IMHO sanebuttonsd (and
your frontend) is better solution than scanbuttond.

Jonathan Bravo Lopez

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