[sane-devel] Well known option consensus

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Mon Jan 22 02:58:04 CET 2007


>> It might be better if the backend tells the frontend, if scan window
>> coordinates are relative to the entire scan area or to the selected
>> page size.
> abel- i tried this a few weeks ago with my 4120C2, and found that i also
> had to
> increase the paper size (lie to the scanner) to get it not to throw an
> error.
> can you check in your personal modification that you actually can set
> the br-x wider than paper-width? even if this is so, i bet you cannot
> set it very much higher. i think i can deal with this in backend- when
> overscan is set, i am going to add 16mm to your scan area dimensions
> anyway...

Yes and no... The following settings (for an A5 page, 148.5 mm x 210

[fujitsu] xres=300, tlx=0, brx=8512, pw=6993, maxx=10624
[fujitsu] yres=300, tly=0, bry=11435, ph=9923, maxy=40800

I get the "background pixels" at the top, at the right and at the
bottom of the image, but not on the left.

So I can set the image width larger than the page width, but in
order to get "background pixels" on the left side, the page width
value must be increased.

But back to the problem I have/had with Etienne's suggstion for the
"relations" between page size and scan window coordinates: It does
not make much sense to allow to set a scan window in overscan mode:
The backend should calculate the scan window settings automatically
from the page size, and disable the options tl-x, tl-y, br-x, br-y.
(Actually, Eikazo does that -- but I think this should be done by
the backend...)


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