[sane-devel] MFP - Samsung SCX-4521F

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Fri Mar 2 19:19:38 CET 2007

Heiko Freundel wrote:

>> The Sane project will have "direct" support for Samsung devices only
>> if somebody starts the work on a special backend, or if some
>> scanner/MFP device turns out to be easily supportable by an existing
>> backend.
> I know, that Samsung can do that. But the driver doesn't work with
> Ubuntu 10.0. Samsung told me, that it wasn't tested with Ubuntu. Two
> days ago I asked with which distributions it was test. I'm still waiting
> for an answer.

Good luck...

> I don't have the knowledge for writting printer drivers, but if the
> driver works with other distributions, it shouldn't be that much change?
> Is there an for an beginner understandable howto which I can use do the
> changes by myself?

I found a binary-only package with Linux drivers on the Samsung
website. With such binary files, you can't do very much. Though your
problem might indeed be a minor one: most bugfix methods for Linux
assume that you can modify one or the other source file.

But if you tell a bit more about the problem, somebody on this list
might have a suggestion. (But keep in mind that most people reading
the mailing list do not feel responsible for "other" software
packages, especially those for which no source code is available...)


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