[sane-devel] Problem with Canon LiDE 60 and genesys

adel adel at chaos-host.dyndns.org
Mon Mar 5 11:48:39 CET 2007


I've got a problem with my Canon LiDE 60 scanner. In xsane it's found
and the preview works in gray, but if I start to scan, I get an error
message (in my case in german) like "ungültiges Argument". This does not
debend on the settings (dpi, color...).

syslog says:
localhost kernel: usb 5-4: usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd xsane rqt
64 rq 12 len 1 ret -71

I'm using a debian sid.
scanimage -V
scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.18; backend version 1.0.18

I thought perhaps a problem with the usbfs of my kernel, but same
problem with knoppix 5.1 (libsane 1.0.18) and knoppix 5.0 (libsane

scanimage -L
device `genesys:libusb:005:004' is a Canon LiDE 60 flatbed scanner

scanimage --mode Color -x 10 -y 10 > img.pnm
gives me a:
scanimage: sane_start: Invalid argument

scanimage -x 10 -y 10 > img.pnm
works and gives me a gray picture

Under windows the scanner works perfect, so I can eliminate a hardware
problem. In google no one is reporting similar problems, so I don't know
how to go futher.

thanks in advance
and best regards

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