[sane-devel] Fujitsu M3093DG & new driver

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 20:24:36 CET 2007

> I used the cvs driver.
> The scanning parms were the defaults.
> scanimage -d fujitsu:/dev/sg0 >image
> scanimage: sane_read: Invalid argument
> The debug log is attached

i dont see anything obvious at first glance.

> I then replaced the cvs fujitsu driver with the one from pfeiffer.edu
> (fujitsu-1_0_20.tgz), everything is cvs and got:
> $scanimage -v -v -v -v -d fujitsu:/dev/sg0  > image.pnm
> scanimage: rounded value of br-x from 215.9 to 215.893
> scanimage: rounded value of br-y from 297 to 296.994
> scanimage: scanning image of size 2549x3507 pixels at 8 bits/pixel
> scanimage: acquiring gray frame
> scanimage: min/max graylevel value = 25/255
> scanimage: read 8939343 bytes in total
> Closing device
> Calling sane_exit
> scanimage: finished
> As the new driver appears completely restructured, the debug output of
> it doesn't really compare to that from the new driver. If that is
> useful, I can post it too.

just send it to me directly, if it contains the packets, i can
compare. this might be a command order error, not contents...


ps- pick an email address and stick with it, so we dont keep having to
approve your posts.

"The truth is an offense, but not a sin"

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