[sane-devel] Epson Perfection V700

Karl Heinz Kremer khk at khk.net
Wed Mar 14 13:29:12 CET 2007

The available scan area is reported by the scanner. It reports a different
area for reflective and for transparent scans.

The Expression 1600/1680 did support transparency scanning of the full size
of the glass - most (all?) other EPSON scanners don't support that. The
reason is that it's fairly complicated to come up with a light source that
can light a large area homogeneously.

Karl Heinz

On 3/14/07, Luca Clemente <luca.clem at zerobase.it> wrote:
>  I am using succesfully the Epson scanner in a medical environment so
> mainly using the transaprency adapter to store skull x-ray.
> Up to one year ago I was using the Epson 1680 Pro scanner with wonderful
> results.
> Due to the fact that this model is no more available I start using
> initially the 4990 Photo and actually the Perfection V700.
> The problem that I have is that with the transparency adapter selected the
> area available for the scanning process is limited respect to the flatbed
> selection: about 6 cm. are lost half on the right and half on the left side,
> giving available only the central part of the scanner.
> With the Epson 1680 Pro the whole are was available for the flatbed as
> well as for the transaprency adapter.
> Has anyone some solution to this problem or is it just a slip in the Epson
> frontend that could be solved?
> I appreciate any suggestion
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