[sane-devel] sending scanned image to a remote SANE server

Tom Miller tom at hostwebase.com
Fri Mar 16 18:55:03 CET 2007

>> I though there are some network scanning option via 
>there is the ability to attach the scanner to a server 
machine, and
>pull scans from it on a remote workstation. 

Is there a sample how to or any information regarding it?

>there is no built-in
>ability to scan on a workstation, and push the image to a 

I am plan to install the workstation with Linux OS and 
install SANE on it.  This workstation with have a scanner
attach to it.

I will then scan an image from the workstation and direct it 
through the network with some SCANIMAGE's network option
to a remote Server that running SANE and put that scanned 
image under /tmp/  directory.

Is this possible?


>the remote system would have to run a listening daemon, 
which would do
>what with the incoming scan, since there is no user there 

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