[sane-devel] Re: XSane's PDF output disliked by macosx's Preview

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Mar 19 17:20:21 CET 2007

> What xsane version did you use?

It was 0.991.

> Please test xsane-0.994 and please test with and without zlib compression
> for   PDF (Preferences/setup/filetype)

I've just tried it with zlib compressed (I always use this option) and the
problem is indeed fixed, so the PDF generated is now viewable with
macosx's preview.

While testing it I noticed that for the picture I tried (a scan of
a mostly blank letter-size yellow sheet in 150dpi and greyscale) I get the
following file sizes in bytes:

0.991: 1551241
0.994: 1211006
0.991 through pdf2ps|ps2pdf: 127159
0.994 through pdf2ps|ps2pdf: 127163

So the 0.994 version also generates smaller files (at least for this one
test).  Oddly enough pdf2ps|ps2pdf generates much smaller files still (my
experience has indeed been that it generates smaller files, but usually just
by maybe 10-20%, kind of like what we see between the 0.991 and 0.994 files,
so it seems this here test is not representative of my more usual scans ;-)

Thanks for fixing it without my even asking for it,


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