[sane-devel] New Backend: Tevion MD42666

Plonka Jens (GS-EC/ESA1) Jens.Plonka at de.bosch.com
Tue Mar 20 08:38:20 CET 2007

Hello to all of you,

my name is Jens Plonka and I bought a Tevion MD4266 flat bed scanner
some years ago at ALDI Sued. Until now ther wasn't much need for me to
spend any Idear of backend support for Linux. Till now!

Currently I've loged the USB communikation for a basic setup of the
backend including:
*	Resolution
*	Brightness
*	Kontrast
*	Clipare
*	Colormode (24Bit Color, 8Bit Gray and 1Bit Monochrome)
And downloaded the latest CVS snapshot and managed to get the scanner
identifyed ba scanimage -L with a new branch of the sm3840 backend named
md42666 (currently not send to CVS).

Right now I faild to contact Microtek to get any information about the
equal ScanMaker 5800.

Can you please inform me about any equivalent activities to one of the
two scanners?

Thanks a lot

With best regards
Jens Plonka
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