[sane-devel] Re: [PATCH] generate hal fdi file

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Tue Mar 20 17:52:07 CET 2007

David Zeuthen <david at fubar.dk> wrote:

>> Looks good to me, as long as the added code in SANE is properly
>> #ifdef'd out etc. Let's try not to turn SANE into a Linux-specific
>> piece of code :)
> Yeah, it would all be #ifdef'ed out (btw, HAL runs on Solaris and
> FreeBSD too these days)

I know, but I doubt it supports OS/2 or BeOS :)

> Yeah, it would only pull in libdbus and libdbus have no library
> requirements except the C library. Specifically glib wouldn't be used
> (D-Bus does not use glib anywhere mostly because glib doesn't handle
> OOM). 

Good :)

> I'll try writing the patch today but I just need a scanner where the
> libsane driver supports buttons. Any recommendations for a cheap scanner
> I should get?

I think there are daemons for (some of) the avision and fujitsu
scanners, though you'll need to double-check that.

And as m. allan noah wrote already, there is nothing standardized in
SANE as far as the buttons are concerned. You're going after some very
experimental stuff that will change with SANE 2 :)

Also, handling more than one scanner could be complicated, depending
on what you want to do, how you want to do it, and what is already
done in the backend.

> Btw, how does the sane-backends build system work? I couldn't find the
> Makefile.am files anywhere...

SANE only uses autoconf and a (modified) libtool. So there are only
the Makefile.in, no Makefile.am.


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