[sane-devel] Recommendations for reliable ADF sheetfed (Fujitsu, Avision, others?)

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:38:15 CET 2007

the kodak i30 and i40 are rebadged avision av200's, and i think
visioneer sells one too. i had a kodak i40 here for awhile, it works
ok with sane, but there were some 'pausing' or timeout issues when you
first start scanning, even with the latest version of rene's avision
backend. this was several months ago, so it might be better now.

the fujitsu fi-5120C is a very nice piece of equipment, ultrasonic
double feed detection, software controllable background color, and has
been heavily tested with PIL. you will want to use the latest cvs
version of sane backends (and PIL as well), there have been some
bugfixes and features added for this model (overscan support being the

the biggest drawback of these avision/fujitsu models is i dont like
the paper path all that much. i would prefer a scanner that pulls the
top sheet off a flat input tray, instead of the bottom sheet off a
sloped input tray, but that seems an expensive option...

in the interest of full disclosure, i am NOT paid by fujitsu, i just
recommend them because:
1. the hardware is good, my company has 3 million scans on 200+ units
of varying models
2. most models use the same basic protocol, making it pretty easy to
support new scanners
3. they have given me docs without an NDA. (not all scanners, but
enough, due to #2)

if anyone else has a line on a sub 1000 USD USB2 scanner with a flat
input tray (like most laser printers), i would like to know about it.
even if there is no sane support.


On 3/27/07, Jeff Kowalczyk <jtk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm looking for current recommendations for a fast ADF scanner with
> reliable paper handling and stable SANE driver support for the desired
> modes accessed via python PIL/Sane, scanadf, scanner access across
> network, etc.
> In the past (I ask every year or so, haven't bought yet) m. allan noah and
> others have discussed their experiences and driver work with the Fujitsu
> FI-5xxxC(x) series.
> Good representations were also made about the Avision AV220C2 series,
> primarily on the strength of the avision driver support. I was able to
> find a source to import units from outside the US, but I have concerns
> about ongoing US availability.
> Since time has gone by and new models may be out, has anyone got
> recommendations for models that meet most of the following criteria in the
> USD $1,000 or under price range?
>  - 1-bit and greyscale modes are the only ones that matter here
>  - 300 dpi, and able to do 300dpi at high speed
>  - ADF with at least 50 sheet capacity, good paper-feed reliability
>  - USB 2.0 interface (or ethernet interface)
>  - Priority is on Linux SANE compatibility, python PIL/Sane usage, scanadf
>  over network.
>  - Limited feature/modes support OK, only need the 300dpi bw,greyscale
>  modes to be reliable and fast.
> Thanks for the annual repeat of the question, and thanks if anyone has any
> recommendations of new models, or comments on their ongoing experience
> with the AV220C2, FI-5120C or updated units.
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