[sane-devel] [RFC, PATCH] Re: Bug#420193: libsane on sparc64 with SCSI scanner

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Tue May 1 07:55:33 UTC 2007

abel deuring <adeuring at gmx.net> wrote:


> It could be that the JX250 is much more sensistive to latency problems
> than other scanners... I'll test your patch during the next days (sorry,
> I can't make at present a more precise and honest promise...). But I

NP, as long as we're getting somewhere with this :)

> already made some test scans with sane-backends 1.0.18 and a modified
> sharp.conf file that disables queueing on the SG level: No performance
> problems with a 1.6 GHZ Athlon mainboard and a SCSI controller for the
> sym53c8xx driver. (I don't have a slower system available...)

I think the command queueing really helps only when the backend has to
do some (heavy) post processing on the scanner data; I don't really
see how it helps otherwise, other than latency problems at the SCSI
level (kernel or bus).


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