[sane-devel] Initial support for HP ScanJet 4370

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Tue May 1 11:46:22 UTC 2007

JKD <jkdsoft at gmail.com> wrote:


(readding sane-devel to the Cc:)

>> What's the status of the hp3900 backend ?
> During some months I've been working to add support to other scanners so
> I didn't have much time to spend deciphering calibration proccess. But
> retrieved image is quite acceptable.
> Current version (0.8) supports at least known scanners:
> HP3800, HP3970, HP4070, HP4370
> SVN version includes support for another one (HP Scanjet G3010).
> I'm looking for two specific scanner models that use the same chipset.
> Their drivers seem to be more detailed than provided by HP to analyze
> how image offset and shadding values are calculated. But I can't find
> them neither in ebay nor in any other shop:
> Umax astra 4950
> Genius ColorPage HR7XE

Sounds like they're hard to find, indeed.

>> What are your plans wrt inclusion into SANE ?
> I registered an account at alioth some time ago (jkd-guest). My plan is
> to release version 0.9 to include HPG3010 and asking for inclusion into
> My idea is to maintain hp3900 project at sourceforge containing at least
> the standalone application for debugging purposes when adding new
> scanners and features before merging changes into SANE project ensuring
> that hp3900 backend isn't broken before releasing another SANE version.

Good, looking forward to the 0.9 release, then ;)

Thanks for the update,


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