[sane-devel] [ANNOUNCE] New SANE backend 'hp5590' for HP ScanJet 5550/5590/7650

Dale Amon amon at vnl.com
Sun May 6 00:52:54 UTC 2007

Okay, the actual build was a bit more involved that 
you may have thought, but I got there eventually:

wget http://incoming.debian.org/sane-backends_1.0.19~cvs20070505-1.diff.gz
wget http://incoming.debian.org/sane-backends_1.0.19~cvs20070505-1.dsc
wget http://incoming.debian.org/sane-backends_1.0.19~cvs20070505.orig.tar.gz
apt-get build-dep libsane
dpkg-source -x sane-backends_1.0.19~cvs20070505-1.dsc
cd sane-backends-1.0.19~cvs20070505

apt-get install texlive texlive-latex-extra
apt-get install libieee1284-3-dev
dpkg-buildpackage -d -rfakeroot
cd ..

dpkg -i libsane_1.0.19~cvs20070505-1_i386.deb

# The device showed up and I got the commands for it
scanimage -L
scanimage -h -d hp5590:libusb:001:003 

# And ran a bunch of tests, all of which worked except the 150dpi was
# not acceptable
scanimage -d hp5590:libusb:001:003 --mode Color --resolution 150 > tst.pnm
scanimage -d hp5590:libusb:001:003  > tst2.pnm
scanimage -d hp5590:libusb:001:003 --resolution 200  > tst2.pnm
scanimage -d hp5590:libusb:001:003 --resolution 150  > tst3.pnm
scanimage -d hp5590:libusb:001:003 --mode Color --resolution 200  > tst4-color200dpm.pnm
scanimage -d hp5590:libusb:001:003 --source ADF --mode Color --resolution 200  > tst5-ADFcolor200dpm.pnm

I note that it really does not like the 150dpi which I
have been more or less standardized on for my scanning
for the last decade. I'll have to go to 200dpi. Is there 
any reason it gives garbage output on 150?

Thanks for getting back to me. I'll start modifying my own
code to support this device tomorrow morning.


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