[sane-devel] Scanners available for experiments

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Tue May 8 11:52:11 UTC 2007


I have some scanners lying around, and reading
and the referenced mailinglist entry
I realized that instead of simply throwing out these scanners they might
be usable for "obduction" by some of you guys.

I live in Roskilde, Denmark, and realize that scanners are probably too
expensive to get safely transported too far. But I could help arrange a
"remote lab" with SSH root access to a Debian machine with the scanners
attached, and me available through IRC (or better: Ekiga) to assist in
plugging and unplugging, and ripping apart if that's what is neede to
get more knowledge about these beasts.

Tell me if it is of any interest.

Heidelberg Linoscan 1200 (SCSI)

ScanMagic 1200 USB (vendor=0x055f, product=0x0003, chip=MA-1017?)

Of course I'd love to make the scanners work, but I'd rather have you
guys learn from killing them than preserving them and have no Linux
drivers for them.

I also have access to a Linotype-Hell Jade2 (SCSI) but until some decent
alternative scanner setup is working my girlfriend won't let go of that
one (working only with MacOS 9!), so either that'l have to wait or you
need to somehow assure me that the tests done on that is not too risky.

Tell me if it is of any interest!

 - Jonas

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