[sane-devel] {Spam?} Fujitsu scanners

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Thu May 10 15:27:27 UTC 2007


just wanted to drop a note that Avision scanners are also an excellent
solution as they provde me with full Specs even since 1998 or so and I
can use hose to write whatever GPL code I want. The current models
do not have a ultra-sonic-double feed dection, though. But future
models are said to include such a sensor. Notheless they are very
good machines, even resold by Xerox, Kodak, et al.

Allan: What kind of space are you looking for?

On Wednesday 09 May 2007 23:10:14 you wrote:
> i dont know much about the capabilites of these cards, but i was under
> the impression that they hide the scanner such that you would no
> longer use the fujitsu driver, but rather a whole new sane backend
> (which does not exist?) which speaks 'adrenaline'. how much of those
> image processing capabilites are in hardware vs software is hard to
> say, but in either case, without some serious documentation, i doubt
> that sane will talk to the kofax hardware, and the kofax software
> would be useless.
> doublefeed detection works now, other features like jpeg compression,
> auto-paper size and 'blank page' skip do not. the first two i have
> enough docs to enable, (but not enough time), the last is probably not
> a hardware feature at all, so makes more sense in the scanning
> front-end than the backend.
> i have finally lost my old account, so i am looking for a new home for
> the backend webpage.
> allan
> On 5/9/07, Michael Crider <mcrider at hoecoop.org> wrote:
> > Our company is in the process of selecting a scanner for use with a
> > document retention system. The scanner will be hooked up to a Linux box.
> > We are currently looking at the Fujitsu fi-5750C. It is in SANE's
> > current supported devices list.  It is available with or without
> > hardware VRS (VirtualReScan from Kofax). Does anybody know if the
> > hardware VRS will offer any advantage when used with SANE, or does it
> > need to be used in conjunction with Windows software to work?
> > Also, is it possible with SANE to take advantage of features such as
> > double feed detection, automatic page size detection, and blank page
> > skip, that can be enabled in the TWAIN driver? If not currently, is
> > there someone who could add those features with the right information
> > from us and/or Fujitsu?
> > By the way, the website listed in SANE's supported devices for the
> > fujitsu driver (http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~anoah/fujitsu/) is 404 - is
> > there a new address?
> > Thanks to anyone who can share any info.

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