[sane-devel] hs2p backend

jazz_johnson at verizon.net jazz_johnson at verizon.net
Fri Nov 16 22:08:28 UTC 2007

On Friday 16 November 2007, m. allan noah wrote:

> i've taken a cursory glance at the code, and have the following comments:
> 1. what does the name hs2p mean?
I don't know. Ricoh's developer manual is entitled
"HS2P (IS450) SCSI Interface Specifications (Programming Guide) Version 1.0"
and the Service Manuals also are entitled HS2P or HS2P+ (KOFAX VRS)

> 2. incorrect copyright attribution at top of c files.
FIXED copyright notice

> 3. ditch the external desc file

> 4. make it a patch against current sane cvs (dont want to overwrite
> the makefile, etc)
I've checked out the cvs version.
Are there any options I should pass to diff?
or should the following suffice?


cp -a sane-backends sane-backends-hs2p
cp sane-backends-${VER}/backends/hs2p* sane-backends-hs2p/backends/
#modify sane-backends-hs2p/{configure.in, AUTHORS}
#modify sane-backends-hs2p/backends/{Makefile.in, dll.conf.in}
#modify sane-backends-hs2p/doc/{sane.man,Makefile.in}

diff -r $CVS $NEW >patch

I've made a tarball of my hs2p* backend files 
and a patch (diff -r $CVS $NEW >patch) using the following
bash script and placed the new tarball and patch at


#sane-backends-${VER}/doc/descriptions-external/hs2p.desc \


indent -gnu sane-backends-${VER}/backend/hs2p*.c

tar -cvjf hs2p.tar.bz2 \
sane-backends-${VER}/backend/hs2p-saneopts.h \
sane-backends-${VER}/backend/hs2p-scsi.h \
sane-backends-${VER}/backend/hs2p.h \
sane-backends-${VER}/backend/hs2p-s.c \
sane-backends-${VER}/backend/hs2p-scsi.c \
sane-backends-${VER}/backend/hs2p.c \

chown portage.portage hs2p.tar.bz2
cp hs2p.tar.bz2 /usr/local/portage/media-gfx/sane-backends/files/

#sane-backends-${VER}/backend/Makefile.in \
#sane-backends-${VER}/backend/Makefile \
#sane-backends-${VER}/backend/dll.conf.in \
#sane-backends-${VER}/doc/descriptions/hs2p.desc \
#sane-backends-${VER}/doc/sane.man  \
#sane-backends-${VER}/doc/sane-hs2p.man  \
#sane-backends-${VER}/doc/sane-hs2p.5  \
#sane-backends-${VER}/doc/Makefile.in \
#sane-backends-${VER}/AUTHORS \
#sane-backends-${VER}/configure.in \

diff -r sane-backends sane-backends-${VER} >patch


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