[sane-devel] hs2p backend

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 03:17:53 UTC 2007

ok, i've used your patch to add the backend into my local tree and
build it. it does build, but it gives quite a few warnings. my current
system is 64 bit, hence some of these might appear new to you.

Others are C90/C99 issues, which should be fixed, because they will
bite us on some of SANE's older platforms. It would be nice to comment
out all the unused vars as well, since they tend to obscure real
problems. please see the attached log.

if you can clone your patched cvs tree, and make your changes in the
clone, then pull a patch between the two copies, it will be easier for
me to apply this on top of what i've already done.



On 11/17/07, jazz_johnson at verizon.net <jazz_johnson at verizon.net> wrote:
> I made a new patch per your instructions:
> diff -r -N -u ${CVS} ${NEW} | gzip -c - > hs2p_patch.gz
> and placed it at
> http://www.acjlaw.net:8080/~jeremy/Ricoh/hs2p_sane_backend/hs2p_patch.gz
> It patches the following 16 files (I hope I haven't forgotten something):
> # zgrep "diff -r" hs2p_patch.gz | cut -d ' ' -f5
> sane-backends/AUTHORS
> sane-backends/backend/Makefile.in
> sane-backends/backend/dll.conf.in
> sane-backends/backend/hs2p-s.c
> sane-backends/backend/hs2p-saneopts.h
> sane-backends/backend/hs2p-scsi.c
> sane-backends/backend/hs2p-scsi.h
> sane-backends/backend/hs2p.c
> sane-backends/backend/hs2p.conf.in
> sane-backends/backend/hs2p.h
> sane-backends/configure.in
> sane-backends/doc/Makefile.in
> sane-backends/doc/descriptions/hs2p.desc
> sane-backends/doc/sane-hs2p.5
> sane-backends/doc/sane-hs2p.man
> sane-backends/doc/sane.man
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