[sane-devel] GPL driver for Samsung SCX-4200 MFP

Vladimir Koutny vlado at sane.ksp.sk
Tue Nov 20 21:41:08 UTC 2007

Hi list,
  since I don't really like Samsung's binary Linux driver for SCX-4200
(which btw. works fine for me), and since it won't work on a mipsel box
(openwrt distro) - and I got no answer on this from Samsung, I've
decided to reverse engineer the protocol - which is, fortunately, quite

I already have a stand-alone app which can scan any area, in any
resolution and any color mode. Some things are not solved yet (ie it
just dumps raw data without any headers), but it generally works.

WARNING: there is no interface - you have to change scanning area etc.
within the code and recompile.

I do expect that other Samsung scanners use the same protocol (at least
those mentioned in their binary driver should), but I can't test is as I
have only scx4200. So if you have one of those, please give it a try and
report any success/failures here.

So, the url is: http://people.ksp.sk/~vlado/scx-xx/

Enjoy :)

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