[sane-devel] xsane-0.995 released

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch at Rauch-Domain.DE
Wed Nov 21 20:09:18 UTC 2007


I just released xsane-0.995 as sourcecode with the appended changes.

Thanks to everyone who sent code improvements and for everyone who cares
about the translations.

I hope we have a stable version with xsane-0.995.
Have a lot of fun and good results.

Best regards

List of changes:

 - changed layout of copy setup, removed border around all setup tabs

 - changed layout of xsane main window

 - xsane-front-gtk.c: xsane_browse_filename_callback:
xsane.cms_function_option_menu is only up

 - xsane-save.c: write_smtp_header(): it is allowed to specify multiple
mail receivers in a com

 - xsane-save.c: write_smtp_header(): MAIL FROM and RCPT TO use syntax
"<user at domain.org>" inst

 - xsane-front-gtk.c: created xsane_progress_bar_set_fraction which uses
the gtk2
   functions when available and which only updates the progress_bar
every 2.5 percent
   what speeds up several functions - especially saving file routines -

   xsane*.c: replaced all gtk_progress_bar_update() by

 - xsane-back-gtk.c: in function xsane_back_gtk_value_update()
   replaced comparison for SANE_FIX values
     if (new_val != val)
     if (abs(new_val - val) > 1)

 - changed all "scanarea" to "scan_area" or "scan area"

 - xsane-gtk-1_x-compat.h: changed gtk_progress_bar_set_ellipsize() to
   gtk_progress_bar_set_ellipsize(pbar, mode)

 - xsane_help_no_devices() changed buf size to 1024

 - translations: U=updated, N=not updated, A=added/new
   ca cs da de es fi fr hu it ja nl pa
   U  N  U  N  N  A  N  N  U  N  N  U  
   99599 99599 96 99595 99 99595 99 995

   pl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sr sv tr vi zh zh_CN
   N  N  N     N  N  U  N  U  N  N  N  N  N
   99 96 96    96 99 99599 99592 99 96 96 992

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