[sane-devel] Question about pixel packing

Alexander Bechikov goo at t72.ru
Tue Nov 27 09:38:20 UTC 2007

Hi all.

	I'm still trying make scanner working on unix. I created program
that replaying usbsnoop logs and get image data, but i don't know how
i can see scanned image. I has information about image data from twain
debug log:

Bytes Per Line = 5100
Pixel Width = 850
Pixel Height = 1170

PixelLeft = 0
PixelTop = 0
PixelWidth = 2552
PixelLength = 3510
Bits Per Channel = 16
Pixel Packing = PACKED
Pixel Order = RGB
Gamma Bytes Per Entry = 2

I tried to save data as pnm file (adding pnm header to the raw data),
but because of image packing (i think :)) i get garbage.

Where i can read more information about image packing or can somebody
help me with my problem?

Image data located here http://hp46xx.narod.ru/img.dat.bz2 (4.3Mb)

Best Regards.
Alexander Bechikov

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