[sane-devel] Panasonic KVSS905C SCSI driver

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Mon Oct 1 21:26:27 UTC 2007

Frank Zago <frank at zago.net> wrote:


> I looked at the code. It a basic scsi scanner driver. It should take a
> couple hours work to make a backend, starting from the existing
> matsushita driver.
> The only problem IMHO is the license, and the testing.

Apache 2.0, indeed, the license sucks big time ...

But the license only covers the code, not the knowledge you can gain
by reading it.

I don't know how close these scanners are from the ones supported by
the matsushita backend already, so ...

> And when I see how simple these scanners are, I don't understand
> Panasonic's need for an NDA.

Big companies and their NDAs ...


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