[sane-devel] Will the CanonScan 3000 Series be supported?

Stéphane VOLTZ stef.dev at free.fr
Sat Sep 8 11:21:22 UTC 2007


	after digging a little more, I can't recognize a GL646 from the usbsnoop log. 
When looking at the 3000f driver, it looks really close to the 3200f. I think 
it is the way that should be explored. The USB descriptor is really close, 
the PID of the 3200f is the one following the 3000f. Driver wise, they are 
also really close.
	One interesting hint would be finding if it loads a firmware or not. You may 
record USB activity with usb snoop of the unplugging/replugging (with also 
powering it off) of your scanner. If there are some big bulk out write, this 
should be a firmware download.


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