[sane-devel] Will the CanonScan 3000 Series be supported?

Christian Arnold webmaster at arctic-media.de
Sun Sep 9 12:45:30 UTC 2007

Stéphane VOLTZ schrieb:
> 	before opening the scanner, could you look at the driver's files under 
> windows ? They may have some informations in it about the hardware (files 
> name, strings in dll or other files).

If you want a look at the driver files, you can download them directly 
from Canon.

The S3315**x.exe is a zip file, just like the SetupSG.exe inside it.

 > 	One interesting hint would be finding if it loads a firmware or
 > not. You may record USB activity with usb snoop of the
 > unplugging/replugging (with also powering it off) of your scanner. If
 > there are some big bulk out write, this should be a firmware download.

How do I do this? The same way I recorded the previous log? This time 
with un- and replugging the powercable?


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