[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 7400C trouble

Andre Majorel aym-enas at teaser.fr
Sun Sep 9 20:36:19 UTC 2007

Hello all. I'm trying to use a HP Scanjet 7400C via USB and am
having problems.

1) Nasty-sounding shoe-shining during scans. Happens even at
resolutions/depths that you would think a USB 2 port can take (300
DPI colour, around 2.5 MB/s if I not mistaken).

2) Every few scans, the scanner will freeze, either not starting
to scan or stopping in mid-scan. scanimage takes a long time to
time out. After that, any further attempts to run scanimage fail
(does nothing and finally times out). You have to power the
scanner off and back on.

Neither issue is deterministic but both are repeatable.

Has anyone else seen that ?

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