[sane-devel] Will the CanonScan 3000 Series be supported?

Christian Arnold webmaster at arctic-media.de
Tue Sep 11 16:14:26 UTC 2007


I've done what René Kjellerup suggested, but this gave me only 4 MB of 
log and it can be compressed down to 100 KB (Used best compressing with 
WinRAR, like the logs before). I think, the firmware is still not in it!

So I carefully disammbled my scanner. Then I shot this Photo with my 
mobile phone:
http://files.arctic-media.de/canon-canoscan-3000ex.jpg [1.08 MB]
The ICs are the following:
  - IC1: 610800012809 / 0427MJC4P03
  - IC2: L6219DS / 991NE V6 / MYS 99 432
  - IC3: 610800009721 / 0436-0904 / F7Y24-000
  - IC4: EliteMT 100MHz / M11B416256A -25J / FZC1N4096 0434
  - IC5: 34063 / PXFAA
  - IC6: 87-3.3 / DEJ28

I think IC1 and IC3 are the Genesys chips. When I googled for IC3 I 
found another Canon scanner in the unsupported list. The first didn't 
got me any results!

Ah, the log:
  - Compressed:
    http://files.arctic-media.de/log-replugged-2/usbsnoop.zip [  100 KB]
  - Uncompressed
    http://files.arctic-media.de/log-replugged-2/usbsnoop.log [ 4.00 MB]

And yes, my scanner still works! Now I now how to disamble and assamble 
it, I can clean it better!


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