[sane-devel] HP scanjet 2400

Gerald Murray gmurray at cloudnet.com
Wed Sep 12 02:00:49 UTC 2007

Quoting Emmanuel Counasse <manuc66 at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
>     Could you explain me what things in sane driver are really missing
> for supporting hp scanjet 2400 and what to do to add them ?

Hello Emmanuel,
I have not worked on this for quite some time.  It has never been  
functional for
the scanjet.  Currently the scan will start, and try to travel beyond  
end of the
scanner.  I keep control of the power and stop it before it does any damage or
noises.  I have not looked at the *.pnm file to see if the scanned  
data is correct.
I will pick up the effort again soon, but my time is limited.  So far  
as I know,
there is nothing _missing_, just need to tweak the code already there to work


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