[sane-devel] In progress: TRUST Imagery 9600SP (TECO_VM6552)

Ralph D. Ungermann linux at mloge-ungermann.de
Fri Apr 4 19:06:13 UTC 2008

Gerard Klaver wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 14:56 +0200, Ralph D. Ungermann wrote: Hello 
> Ralph,
> I am the maintainer of the teco2 backend, if you have a link (or send
>  a zip file with data to mailbox) to your backend i can have a look 
> and add improvements to the teco2 backend.

Hello Gerard,

nice to meet you! I'll send you my sources ASAP.  I hope, you'll like my
resource management:

- sane_init() doesn't open every device at startup
- no device needs to allocate a 64KB scsi buffer
- sane_read() doesn't wait for the whole image to be read
- sane_read() polls for `cancel'

While the device handling issues aren't so important on a desktop with a
single scanner, the `no-wait' and `cancel' things have been major pain
reliefs for me.

And most surely you will like my color scans:  my scanner just tells me,
_which_ color it has sent; hence no more sophisticated guessing
algorithms, no more huge color permutation tables, and no more
restrictions to preselected resolutions.  Just pick a line, and if the
scanner says `red', distribute it to the red bytes.

This change would save you many hundred lines of code.  Unfortunately,
you can't call this an `obvious bug fix'.  So don't do it, unless you
can test it for all supported scanners.

Here is my offer:  you tell me, which scanner models you have your hands
on.  Then I can try to include one of them into my backend.  If we're
lucky, it'll work, and we can build an enhanced new backend at least for
the scanners we own, leaving the old drivers untouched.

-- ralph

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