[sane-devel] Changes in saned

Franz Bakan fbakan at gmx.net
Wed Apr 9 21:44:14 UTC 2008

On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 17:31:19 +0200, Julien BLACHE wrote:

> Please report any bugs you may encounter with this new version of
> saned.

When building on OS/2 I get this error:

saned.c:2458: warning: implicit declaration of function `daemon'
gcc -Zexe -Zmtd -D__ST_MT_ERRNO__ -s -o .libs/saned saned.o \
 ../sanei/libsanei.a ../lib/liblib.a -L/usr/lib ../backend/.libs/libsane.a \
 -lpthread -lm -ljpeg -ltiff -ldl
saned.o: Undefined symbol _daemon referenced from text segment


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