[sane-devel] SOLVED Mustek ScanExpress 1248UB gt68xx (GT-6816) not working

Chris Lale chrislale at untrammelled.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 09:14:56 UTC 2008

Chris Lale wrote:
> I have a new Mustek ScanExpress 1248UB USB scanner known to work in Windows98se.
> I have installed it in Debian Etch (Stable) and Lenny (Testing) using Debian
> packages. The same fault occurs in both systems: when an image is scanned
> (scanimage --format pnm > outfile.pnm), the scanner buzzes and clicks, the
> scanner head lights up but does not travel down the glass plate. The resulting
> image file is non-zero size but completely blank.

The scanner was attached to a Belkin USB hub. When I connected it directly to
the USB port on the motherboard it worked fine. Looks like a problem with the hub.


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