[sane-devel] v4l device and colors

Ludwik ludwik at trammer.pl
Mon Apr 28 22:27:15 UTC 2008


Maybe somebody will be able to help be, because I'm going insane here ;)

I'm trying to build a music sequencer that would use color input form
the camera to generate music (something similar to Bubblegum
Sequencer). Sane looks like a best way to integrate my video4linux
webcam input with my python program. The problem is that when Sane
(both in form of the python library and xsane standalone program) show
the camera input it's totally blueish - almost black&blue (something
like black&white, but with blue in place of white). All the other
video4linux programs show the real colors. Sane is also using
video4linux, so I have hard time understanding why suddenly everything
goes blue...  Any ideas?

Ludwik Trammer
Warsaw, Poland

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