[sane-devel] HP 5590 not working in 1.0.19

Albert Cervera i Areny albert at nan-tic.com
Tue Apr 29 00:06:08 UTC 2008

A Dilluns 28 Abril 2008, Ilia Sotnikov va escriure:
> You could help by collecting the following information:
> - scanadf version

scanadf (sane-frontends) 1.0.14

> - its full command line

I simply used 'scanadf -v'. Now I realize that there are much more options. 
Using "scanadf -v --mode Color --source ADF --resolution 300" uses papers 
from ADF correctly. Sorry about the noise. However, I don't think the error 
in the simple "scanadf -v" case is normal...

> - did you install SANE backends from source by yourself or used some
> package? If latter, which version and from which vendor

Current debian unstable packages. Backends version 1.0.19

> - the debug from the same 'scanadf' but with SANE_DEBUG_HP5590=20 set,
> eg. 'SANE_DEBUG_HP5590=20 scanadf -v ...'

Debug output attached.

> - CPU architecture of the host you got the error on


> Thanks in advance,

Albert Cervera i Areny
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