[sane-devel] hp4570c driver from modified hp5590 backend almost working

Markham thomas markham.thomas at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 18:38:53 UTC 2008

With the TMA slide adaptor on the Scanjet 4570c does not work properly when
: scan source = TMA negatives
--> [hp5590] Top X (0) + pixels X (4292) exceedes max X 169
xscanimage reports:   Failed to start scanner:  Invalid argument

In fact with the TMA adaptor in place even choosing: scan source = flatbed
after you did a source=TMA
causes the carriage to ram into the stop.  You have to power cycle the
scanner to be able to get a source=TMA to properly work.
So avoid source=TMA,  choosing source=flatbed even with the TMA adaptor
plugged in will work fine.

Evidently there is some problem with the source = TMA.

line art, color, and gray  = working
resolution 100 to 2400 = working

source=TMA negatives or TMA slide
fails in all modes, ramming the carriage against the stop

I will use VMware + wireshark again to monitor my WinXP virtual session and
see what protocol is being exchanged when source = TMA.  It maybe that I can
fix the driver, but I suspect it will be more extensive changes.   Let me
look at what it takes to fix it.  If it gets too involved I will submit the
current patch with the caveat source=TMA fails, and work on fixing support
for TMA later.
-- Markham
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