[sane-devel] hp4570c driver from modified hp5590 backend almost working

Markham thomas markham.thomas at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 19:34:11 UTC 2008

I still can't get gmail to properly respond to later sub-posts...

>Could you shed some light on whether it requires to feed the film manually
(thus it is TMA) or automatically (thus it is APF)?
My device says:  hp scanjet TMA on the top.  It has a cord you plug into the
back of the scanner and you manually load the slide strip into a slot.  I
assume the cord provides power to lights above the slide strip to shine thru
the slides.

Perhaps I can find a difference in the parameters when source = TMA from my
usbsniffing.   It does appear all other functions of xscanimage work
if TMA has been chosen in a scan the scanjet will not work properly again
until it is power-cycled.  You can leave the TMA adaptor on, just don't
choose that as the source.

Disabling TMA as a source maybe the best approach until we can determine the
proper parameters to supply.  This way  support for the 4570 can be added to
the hp5590 backend, while TMA selection won't cause issues.

Who still uses 35mm slides anyway?  :)

-- Markham
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