[sane-devel] HP G2410 SCANNER

Robert John Morton rob at robmorton.20m.com
Mon Aug 4 21:45:22 UTC 2008


I have used gawk to analyze the the UsbSnoop log files for the HP G2410 scanner.
I have 3 files. One for colour scan, one for grey-scale scan, one for monochrome scan.
I have made a .zip file for each of them.

colour.log.decode.zip (1.7 MB)
grey.log.decode.zip   (1.4 MB)
mono.log.decode.zip   (1.4 MB)

Can I email them to you? Do you need all of them?

Regards, Rob

Re: recent mails from: m. allan noah, amol verule, Volnei...
stef, please could you help?


	I'm replying only now since I'm back from holidays. The 'awk' program on your 
linux box mimics too well the 'regular' awk, so it fails on line length and 
on the strtonum function. Change the scripts to use 'gawk' (ie GNU awk) 
instead, they will work better.


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