[sane-devel] GL646_HP (BuildSmart)

Robert John Morton rob at robmorton.20m.com
Sat Aug 16 14:19:13 UTC 2008

Yes. Stef and I are working on the HP G2410 (that seems to be logically 
equivalent to the HP2400c). These use the GL646_HP chipset. We have got 
as far as doing a series of test scans with a local compilation of the 
sane CVS. I sent the scanned image files to Stef on Thursday, which he 
is probably now analyzing.
Regards, Rob

Original Message:

Hi list,
I was wondering if anyone is still developing the genysys driver which 
supports the GL646_HP chipset as found in the HP ScanJet 3670c?

If not, is there anyone here who is good at decompiling, I have a Mac OS 
X HP driver for this scanner that may be useful to provide enough 
information to finish the genesys driver.

It's ppc based but my understanding is that something like IDA-Pro and 
HexRays can decompile the source (something I don't have) and from there 
I can pretty much work with the source to ensure it produces a working 
driver which can then be used to finish the genesys driver (nice to have 
a working driver to port the work from).

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