[sane-devel] GL646_HP (BuildSmart)

JKD jkdsoft at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 23:45:41 UTC 2008

El Sunday 17 August 2008 01:19:12 BuildSmart escribió:
> On Aug 16, 2008, at 18:38 PM, JKD wrote:
> > El Saturday 16 August 2008 20:09:11 BuildSmart escribió:
> >> I now have the following HP scanners, ScanJet 3600c, ScanJet 3650c
> >> (with external film/slide reader), ScanJet 3670c (built-in film/slide
> >> reader),  ScanJet 3690c,  ScanJet 3930c,  ScanJet 3970c.
> >>
> >> All but one is GL646_HP based.
> >>
> >> I have confirmed that the software I have for Mac OS X works with all
> >> of the scanners except for the 3970c which I think is an GL841_HP.
> >
> > ScanJet 3970c is a Realtek RTS8822L-01H supported by hp3900 backend.
> Yes I opened them all up to make notes and can confirm that the 3970c
> is realtek chipset but oddly enough the 3930c has GL841_HP (is it
> compatible?) and I would have thought it be in the same chipset class
> but it appears to be somewhat compatible to the GL646_HP (is it
> compatible?).

I thought 3900 series scanners would share the same chipset class too. That's 
why I called my backend "hp3900". As far as I know, Realtek chipset is not 
compatible with GLxxx_HP. At least, the way in which each chipset is 
programmed is different. Also, ScanJet 4070 uses the same chipset as ScanJet 
3970 so, i guess scanners included in 3900 series share some simmilar 
features but chipset is not one of them.

> Memory seems to be consistent at what looks like 64mb (if I'm reading
> it correctly) except the 3650c which looks like 32mb.
> If it's supported I guess no need to enable the backend (only genesys
> is currently enabled) to play with it so I'll set it aside and put a
> stickie on it.

In fact, hp3900 backend was written to support ScanJet 3970. Then, other 
scanners were added.

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