[sane-devel] Epson CX5500 without the non-free libs.

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Wed Aug 20 01:44:49 UTC 2008

Vital Mission Software <guru at vitalmis.com> writes:

> I am trying to use the AVASYS iscan backend.
> I cannot use the libesmod-i386 libraries because my system is not an
> x86 for any value of x. It's a Dec Alpha.

The libesmod-i386 library is only required by the iscan frontend.  The
_epkowa_ backend does not require non-free libraries for *most* of the
supported devices.

Unfortunately, the CX5500 *does* require a non-free library and it is
currently only availabe for i386 architectures.

> I have posted my problem to the AVASYS message board. In the meantime, 
> is there any alternative way of getting this scanner to work.

Short of reverse engineering the device's protocol or getting your
hands on a i386 system, probably not :-(

Sorry this doesn't help,
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