[sane-devel] SANE 1.0.19 does not find CX3900, 1.0.18 works but...

Kanito 73 kanito73 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 21 14:17:03 UTC 2008

Hi again

I reinstalled many times backend 1.0.19, frontend 1.0.14 and xsane 0.995 but was unable to make it work with my Epson CX3900... Just to try removed latest version and installed the previous backend 1.0.18 and xsane 0.994 and now it recognizes the scanner and works fine, but now I have another problem, can't scan as normal user since the device is "not found", as root it works...

I spent all day reading documentation, faqs, troubleshootings, forums, etc. and am almost sure the installation and setup is correct...

# Epson DX 4000
SYSFS{idVendor}=="04b8", SYSFS{idProduct}=="082f", MODE="664", GROUP="scanner"

# epson.conf
# here are some examples for how to configure the EPSON backend
# SCSI scanner:
scsi EPSON
# for the GT-6500:
scsi "EPSON SC"
# Parallel port scanner:
#pio 0x278
#pio 0x378
#pio 0x3BC
# USB scanner:
# There are two different methods of configuring a USB scanner: libusb and the kernel module
# For any system with libusb support (which is pretty much any recent Linux distribution) the
# following line is sufficient. This however assumes that the connected scanner (or to be more
# accurate, it's device ID) is known to the backend.
# For libusb support for unknown scanners use the following command
# usb  
# e.g.:
# usb 0x4b8 0x110
# And for the scanner module, use the following configuration:
#usb /dev/usbscanner0
#usb /dev/usb/scanner0
usb 0x04b8 0x082f

// install is not a system related user, just created it to test the programs, testuser too

Well, as I said the problem is that can't use the scanner as normal user, the rule entry in the udev configuration seems not to work, when the scanner is plugged the created device at /proc/bus/usb (generally 001:002 or 002:002) has "root" as owner and "root" as group too with permission rw-r--r--!!! If I change the permission by hand to rw-rw-rw makes no difference scanner is still not found, then if I try to make 'chown root.scanner' so it appears like this:

rw-rw-rw- root scanner 002

but normal user is unable to use xsane, 'scanimage -L' works only as root and can't do nothing, udev entry does not work, setting permissions and group by hand does not work, anything allows normal users to access scanner...

Please help me don't know what else to do!!! :(

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