[sane-devel] Canon MF4140

Bob Dronski dronski at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 15:08:27 UTC 2008

Thanks for clearing up the udev confusion.  I guess that's why I had a  
problem finding info on it.

I do understand that my model may not be supported.  But according to  
the pixma help page

The following models may use the same Pixma protocol as those listed  
above, but have not yet been reported to work (or not). They are  
declared in the backend so that they get recognized and activated.  
Feedback in the Sane-dev mailing list welcome.
ImageCLASS MF3110, MF3240, MF4150
ImageCLASS MF5630, MF5650, MF5730, MF5750, MF5770, MF8170c

So I was attempting to follow the recommendations.  Hopefully Nicolas  
might be able to tell me if it's worth pursuing upon his return.  I  
have until next Thursday to return the unit.


On Aug 21, 2008, at 9:51 AM, m. allan noah wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 10:41 AM, Bob Dronski <dronski at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
>> Jean-Nicolas,
>> There seems to be a lot of confusion.
>> Daniel seems to also have the same unit but must be having separate
>> problems from me.  He is NOT answering for me.
>> Let me repeat my situation.
>> I am running on Mac 10.5.  I have used both Mattias Ellert's pre- 
>> built
>> binaries for mac, as well as building the sane package myself.
>> This is from sane-find-scanner.
>>       found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 [Canon Inc.], product=0x26a3
>> [MF4100]) at libusb:003:004-04a9-26a3-00-00
>> And scanimage -L reports
>>       device `pixma:04A926A3_SDF7Z0155773B' is a CANON Canon  
>> imageCLASS
>> MF4150 multi-function peripheral
>> When I attempt to execute scanimage -T, it tries to read the first
>> scanline and freezes.
>> Now udev is definitely NOT running on my machine.  the GREP output is
>> misleading, because it shows my GREP process looking for the term
>> udev.  If I export the output of ps -A to a file, udev does not  
>> exist.
>> But as I said, there IS a /usr/local/etc/udev/rules.d/libsane.rules
>> that exists and it has the proper listing for the 4150.  I had to
>> manually move the .rules file as it was created in my build but  
>> didn't
>> transfer to /usr/local/etc/udev/rules.d/ that did already exist.
>> So my question is, When/how does udev get created?  Should it be
>> created by the build?  Might I have used the wrong parameters in the
>> configure command?
>> I used  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --sysconfdir=/usr/local/etc
> udev is a linux-only device manager thing. it is only used by sane to
> set permissions on devices so that non-root users can scan. therefore,
> all users that have difficulty scanning should try as root user first.
> if root cannot scan, permissions (and hence, udev) are likely NOT the
> problem.
> i see no evidence that this backend supports this scanner, other than
> similarity of name to other, supported models. It might require only a
> minor tweak to a config file, or it might take a completely new
> backend, depending on how similar it is to existing models.
> allan
> -- 
> "The truth is an offense, but not a sin"

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