[sane-devel] How to reset an HP ScanJet 3200C ?

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Wed Aug 27 04:42:15 UTC 2008

Le Tuesday 26 August 2008 22:33:35 Francesco Poli, vous avez écrit :
> Hi all!
> I have an HP ScanJet 3200C parallel port scanner, which seems to
> work with the umax_pp backend.
> I am using Debian GNU/Linux (testing branch), which includes
> SANE version 1.0.19.
> During a scan with
>   $ scanimage -d umax_pp --format tiff --mode Color --resolution 300 >
> out.tiff
> I accidentally issued the following command:
>   # scanimage --help --device-name umax_pp
> on another terminal and got the following errors:
>   [umax_pp_low] PS2registerRead: found 0x20 expected 0x0
> (umax_pp_low.c:7554) [umax_pp_low] sendData failed  got 0xE8 instead of
> 0xC0 or 0xD0 (umax_pp_low.c:5564) [umax_pp_low] Blindly going on .....
>   [umax_pp_low] sendWord failed  got 0xE8 instead of 0xC0 or 0xD0
> (umax_pp_low.c:4711) [umax_pp_low] Blindly going on .....
>   [umax_pp_low] Unexpected reg19: 0xE8 instead of 0xC0 or 0xD0
> (umax_pp_low.c:5611) [umax_pp_low] cmdSetDataBuffer(initbuf) failed !
> (umax_pp_low.c:7812) scanimage: open of device umax_pp failed: Invalid
> argument
> Meanwhile, the terminal where the scan was going on spat out many other
> (more or less) similar errors, so I thought
> "oh no! I screwed my scan up! oh well, let's restart from scratch..."
> and killed the scanimage process with [Ctrl+C].
> Worse!  I got a great number of errors identical to
>   [umax_pp_low] ppdev ioctl returned <Invalid argument> 
> (umax_pp_low.c:4377)
> and pressed [Ctrl+C] again to stop them.
> At that point, the lamp was about halfway in the bed and there it
> stayed.  I thought it would be brought back to the ready position
> at the next scan, so I restarted from scratch:
>   $ scanimage -d umax_pp --format tiff --mode Color --resolution 300 >
> out.tiff
> The lamp was *not* reset to the ready position: it went on and, after
> some time, the scanner started to make a scary clicking noise.
> Ahhh! I unplugged the scanner.
> OK, after replugging the scanner, the lamp was not reset to the ready
> position; if I start another scan, I get the noise again and have
> to unplug the scanner.
> I searched the web, the SANE documentation, the SANE mailing lists,
> but failed to find a command to force the lamp to go back to the
> ready position!
> This scanner has no hardware power button.
> I already tried the procedure described at
> http://umax1220p.sourceforge.net/tips.html
> but unsuccessfully (the only difference is that I didn't use any printer).
> Can someone please help?
> How can I recover my currently unusable scanner?


	use the -r switch of the umax_pp command line tools. Don't know if debian 
ships it, but you can build it from SANE sources. It will be in the 
sane-backends/tools directory. You can run it without installing what you 
have just compiled.


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