[sane-devel] Any progress on the MF4150?

Dennis Lou dlou99 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 03:27:36 UTC 2008

>From: Bob Dronski <dronski at gmail.com>
>Just wondering if any progress has been made and/or if I can do  
>anything else to help the progress on the MF-4150?  My two week return  
>window has closed, so I'm just crossing my fingers that something will  

I guess you didn't get my email (again).  I looked at your logs and they look a lot like the mp730.  I asked you to try moving the USB PID
and device entry to pixma_mp730.c

Let me know if you need the patch again.

Also, it looks like your MF4150 has the same USB PID as the MF4140 but a different protocol.  I'm not sure what to do about that.



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